Welcome pastor

We thank God for you! Peggy and I care about you, even if we've never met you we appreciate what God has called you to do. Most of all, we respect you for doing it! We pioneered and pastored a church for three years (1984-1987) as well as interned pastored several other churches early on in our ministry, we'd like to think we understand a little about your mission.

We believe strongly in building the local church! We are called to come along side of pastors helping them equip believers for Gospel ministry. We also believe in the value of relationships! We hope you'll take the time and get to know us. Also, feel free to contact us anytime.

From a few of our Pastor Friends:

Tim is a man of integrity, wisdom, and rock-solid spiritual consistency. He and His wife, Peggy are strong examples in faith and family. Their ministry to the church is fresh, exciting, and powerful! The Holy Spirit uses Tim's winning and often humorous style to help the "medicine go down." The product is transformation in people's thinking about life, faith and evangelism. That, in turn, produces new behaviors which then produce positive results in the lives and ministries of believers!

Dr. William & Connie Salsbery                                                                      Pastors John B. & Debbie Lowe

Heartland Church, Sharpsville, IN                                                            New Life Christian Church, Warsaw, IN