• TGM 2020 Vietnam Veteran Outreach

    September 12-19 Make sure to read all the event info!

  • Midland Michigan response

    We have cut our trip short in Texas and are headed home so that we can respond to the flooding in Michigan. We plan leaving home on 5/23/2020 and being in Midland for perhaps two or more weeks providing the unique and loving support of TGM.

    If you would like to help support this effort go to the GIVE page.

  • Live Bible Study on FaceBook

    Join us every Thursday at 7pm (eastern time zone) for an interactive bible sturdy bringing insights from the of Word  God that will be sure to bless and encourage you.

  • Dinner & The Word

    Dinner and the Word is a monthly event hosted by Tim Grisham Ministries at there kokomo, IN Ministry Headquarters. Each month we come together with friends and visitors for a time of fellowship around a delicious meal. Then Tim & Peggy share a brief (15-20 minute) word that is sure to  leave you encouraged.