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TGM 2020 Vietnam Veteran Outreach

National Event

(The Big One)

September 2020 dates not yet posted!

TGM Outreach Event


SATURDAY  9am meeting on Veteran grounds 

(1 mile east of TGM HQ located at 6972 E 400S Kokomo, IN.) to setup Big tent. 

Special Saturday Night Prayer & Bonfire, Sept. 

Come join us for a special time of prayer over the outreach and fellowship around the bonfire. Meeting at TGM headquarters at 8pm-9pm

TGM Location 

6972 E 400s (State Rd 26) Kokomo, IN 

2. Time and Dates

Outreach Begins Sunday September 15th @ 3pm 

Runs Daily 7:00 am to 8:pm

3. Parking

No parking at the tent on the veteran grounds. All parking will be at the west end of the veteran grounds, this is due to new tent location.

Contact Info: TGM (Office) 765-675-1859 TGM (Cell) 765-210-7590 Email Website

4. Gate Entrance Pass

All TGM volunteers who plan to go in and out of the veteran grounds will need to get a gate pass (free of charge). When you arrive tell gate personal that you are with the Church / S.O.M.E. so you will not be charged a gate fee, then we will give you a pass at the tent.

Volunteer Info:

What to Wear? 

Temperatures can range from 50s to 60s am into the 80s in the afternoon

Wear comfortable shoes with good soles as you will be standing on gravel

Hat and sun screen are advisable!

T-SHIRTS: TGM (special event) T-Shirts will be available for $12 ea $15 for XXL & XXXL

5. Will food be provide to volunteers?

Yes, whatever we cook, breakfast, lunch and dinner is what will be available to all volunteers

6. Where Can I Stay Overnight?

Three Options:

A. Hotel 

There are many Hotels in Kokomo, In, just 10 minutes away (Note the closer to the event less likely there will be rooms available).

B. TGM Ministry Center (Must Call In Advance For Availability)

Bring your own bedding and stay at TGM Ministry Center (mattresses provide) NOTE: there are no shower facilities…However Heartland Church (10 minutes away) has mens & women's showers available from 7am to 10pm to all our volunteers.

NOTE: ANYONE using showers must clean up after themselves!


If you want to bring a RV or Tent you can setup on TGM grounds. 

No Electricity &  NO sewer dump but a pump truck can be made available to drain you’r holding tank at your expense.

What Can I Do as a Volunteer?

There are many opportunities to serve during the TGM Veterans Outreach, the key is to come ready to serve where needed. Not everyone will cook, not everyone will work in the serving line but everyone can spend time visiting with the veterans, listening to their stories which inevitably leads to opportunity to pray for them. Also we need people who will go camp site to camp site to let people know there are meals served just for them.

Areas of Service:

  1. Meal Preparation
  2. Serving Food
  3. Clean up
  4. Trash Removal
  5. Equipment Maintenance  
  6. Security Detail
  7. GOFER…go for this or go for that!


Attitude determines the overall atmosphere of the outreach!

We ask every person who comes to serve to come with a right attitude. This means we are not only serving the veterans but each other! Our goal is to work together to provide a peaceful and Christ anointed environment. First, you are an Ambassador for Christ and secondly, you are a representative of Tim Grisham Ministries.

  • Guard your heart from offense - pray before you serve.
  • Be ready to do whatever is needed not just what you like to do.
  • Look for what needs to be done
  • ASK first, don't assume something unless your sure
  • Be respectful of the Howard County Vietnam Veterans and the Organization.