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Christmas...what a great time of the year! There was a time in my life that I did not enjoy Christmas. I felt as though it was more about money and stuff and making the retail market rich than the real reason we are supposed to celebrate. My attitude changed in 1988 when I believe God spoke to me to dress as Santa and go out into the streets including Bars and Nightclubs and share the real meaning of Christmas with the world. It took some persuading from the Lord to convince me that this was really what He was asking me to do, but I did it! I have traveled all over the US and several foreign countries sharing the Real Reason for the Season with countless thousands. Many have come to know Jesus in a personal way vs just some religious figure in history.

The Greatest Christmas Gift

Don't let another Christmas pass you buy without knowing the person who is responsible for Christmas. Jesus Christ is truly the reason for Christmas. God sent Jesus His only Son to bring salvation to the world. God love you inspire of any and all sin, He loves you so much that He gave the greatest gift of all, salvation to all who will believe and call on His name.