Tips to help Understand the bible

It is important to rightly divide the word of God - 2 Tim 2:15
If it can be rightly divided then it can be wrongly divided
- It should be read in context
- Know who is talking, who is being talked to and what is being talked about
- Who is talking could be talking to an individual or a group

There are three groups of people referred to in the bible -  Jews, Greeks (nations or Gentiles) and the church - 1 Cor 10:32
In the old testament there were only Jews and nations
No one was a Christian until after Jesus rose from the dead
A person is born Jew or Gentile - now any person from these groups can choose to become a Christian
All nations came from Noah's three sons

Everything in the bible is recorded accurately but not everything is true
For example - Job 1:21 God gives and God takes away
God does not change His mind in giving - Rom 11:29
God gives everything freely - Rom 10:32

Everything in the bible is informative or instructional, but not everything applies to Christians
example - Christians do not kill animals for offering

Jesus bore or took all of mans sins upon himself -  1 Jn 2:2, Titus 2:11
There is only one sin that keeps a person out of heaven - not believing in Jesus

There are three parts to a person: spirit, soul and body -  1 Thess 5:23
The spirit is what gets born again
Know when the Bible is speaking about the spirit - whoever is born of God does not or cannot sin - 1 Jn 3:9

Four types of government - personal, family, church and civil
One type cannot be applied to another
example - Jesus said to not resist evil, turn the other cheek - only applies to personal
if evil comes after a family member, resistance is required