Tim Grisham ministries

The Great commission network

Equipping the church

For nearly 40 years Evangelists Tim & Peggy Grisham have been training and equipping believers to witness and win souls! Tim conducts soul winning training camps throughout the year in churches across America and other nations.

The Great commission network

The gift of the true Evangelist is all but vanished in the local Church. Tim Grisham is mobilizing Evangelist across America and other Countries to encourage, help & train them to equip the Church. Many Churches have never had the true gift of the evangelist operate in the Church.

Awake America Tent Revivals

For the past several years TGM has setup their Big Tent in rural areas of America to bring the Gospel with Power and Demonstration. The results are people saved, lukewarm changed to on fire for Jesus and captives set free, healed & delivered. Churches have experience increase as a result.