S.O.M.E. School Of Ministry Equipping

The School of Ministry equips believers to fulfill their ministry in the world. Evangelists Tim & Peggy Grisham understand the importance of believers fulfilling their ministry both inside the church and outside where the world needs Jesus! 

Jesus has called every believer to be a witness, an ambassador of Christ and to make disciples of all nations. TGM conducts S.O.M.E. Training Camps at their Training Center in Kokomo, Indiana as well as Churches in the U.S. and abroad. Tim and Peggy share Biblical principals along with their more than thirty-five years ministry experience. Students not only receive instruction, but also supernatural impartation and soul-stirring inspiration. 

Ephesians 4:11 declares that God gave "SOME to be apostles, SOME prophets, SOME evangelists, and SOME pastors and teachers." In the course of training the whole body, Tim and Peggy seek to disciple students who believe they are "One of the SOME." Their purpose is to help those called into ministry to become prepared and equipped to pursue their destiny saving, them, their pastors and ministry leaders the heartache of "ministry-done-wrong." Whether you are looking for a chance to make a difference in your family, friends, community or feel called to the world, the School Of Ministry Equipping can help you! Through weekend Training Camps, short term missions opportunities, extended internships, and one on one ministry development, Tim and Peggy Grisham equip believers of all ages and backgrounds to fulfill their ministry callings.